Re: Deadlight installation

Nick D

I fully agree that a forward facing hatch would be great at anchor. Particularly at 3am when you just need that quick peek around so you can sleep better. Nick

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I had a small (maybe 8-9 inch light), forward facing, bronze, openable, port installed at the factory to match the side ports. I have enjoyed it greatly when in the cabin when sailing, anchored or in port.
Tom Flicka20

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Subject: [Flicka20] Re: Deadlight installation
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Date: Sunday, February 17, 2013, 10:31 AM


We just sit on a cushion to see over the cabin top. I think you should check the viewing angle of a forward port. You might just see the deck and bowsprit.


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I'm considering installing a ~12" window/deadlight in either my companionway slider, or on the forward cabin wall. Pros/cons opinions appreciated. I have some 1/2" acrylic (or it could be polycarbonate) i'll be using. I also found a nice bronze guard that will mount over it.

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