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Nick D

In my older boats that had wet bilges I always poured a few generous drops of Pine Sol to keep them fresh. My Flicka has a dry stuffing box so the bilge is "like new" which is a ridiculous luxury. Nick

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Both of my Flicka ice boxes drain to the bildge. A good choice in my opinion.
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The purpose of the two valves was to isolate the sink and icebox when underway and open them when at anchorage or at the dock. That was the original design. To put in a vaccum break would require the drains to be extended up to the bottom of the deck (no pump,not a solution)as heeled over with the rails in water could get the water to back up in the sink and ice box as it stands.
I plan on running the icebox drain to the bilge sump so the water can be pumped out by the bilge pump. I plan on running a new hose to the sink drain and putting an extra valve under the sink so it is accessable from the cabinet door below the sink.
The icebox doesn't put out much water (about a gallon per loading) and it would sweeten the bilge of salts as the packing leaks a few drops of saltwater and that would keep the bilge flushed.
your call

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Wonder if you will need to put an anti siphon break in otherwise you may suck water back up into your ice box!


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> I'll go with that for one of the hoses. My ice box was removed by a previous owner so that possibility never occured to me. One down, one to go.
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> > Ice box drain ?
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