Leeway Management

Nick D

Here's a great article on the topic of leeway. The numbers are not so important to us Flicka sailors but the concept is critical to sailing a Flicka to it's full potential. Since we don't have a deep fin keel to lean on, we really need to manage our leeway by other means. Steering carefully, reefing or keeping her flat is good, and watching the water to leeward where you can see the leeway is very important. I find she responds nicely by heading up in gusts. She will also match any other boat if her bottom is clean. Especially when other boats are not clean. You can't expect any boat to sail well with 20 year old bagged out sails which cause excessive heeling and leeway. I get a kick out of footing along in shallow water while the other boats are pinching along slowly to stay in deep water, it drives them crazy.



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