Re: It's been a quiet week on Lake Wobegone

Nick D

I am just getting our El Toro fleet ready for the first regatta on New Year's Day! My wife and I have one each and we have  2 loaners to make sure the fleet stays alive. We expect 4 to 6 more racers and will complete the regatta with 6 races that day. After the New Years Day event we have race series of 35 more races, 5-6 a Sunday,  depending on wind conditions (we sail in up to 20 knots, no reef, and it's got to be over 32F) and we generally end before Easter so we have the time to get our "big" boats ready to launch. I'd say the El Toro is the perfect trainer for the Flicka. It's so light and stubby, it can be a challenge to get and keep moving and can be tricky to tack.
Just finished the racing tune up which consists of turning them over and washing them. Last year found a 'possum carcass under one of them, made a great hat.   Nick

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