Re: (unknown)

Nick D

The rigging is easily strong enough, in my opinion. I was at the top quite a few times in 2011 fixing the masthead light. It takes a little nerve because it seems a little tippy, after all, it's a small boat. I've been up 65 ft masts so I have a feel for it. My first time up, I picked a calm day. A boat came by making a small wake and I held my breath as the Flicka bobbed a little and settled down. My trips up and down went quicker and easier each time. This was accomplished with a web ladder that gets pulled up the mast track by the main halyard. My only other thought is that I've heeled the boat at the dock and thought that  if the boat tipped a bit with a person at the top it would heel enough to make trouble getting back down. So, I have no problem going up and down but recommend you be careful especially with someone else standing off center on the boat. I made my ascent with no one on board.    Nick

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