Re: Flicka Friends Winter 2012 issue uploaded to Yahoo Flicka 20 site.

Clint Lewis

Very happy to hear Flicka Friends is to continue. I really enjoyed the photo spread and hope the Flicka tribe will help keep this going. I'm heading back to MOTU at the end of the year and will endeavor to get better pictures and a story. Lew s/v MOTU hull 20

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The latest issue of Flicka Friends has been uploaded to the Files Section in the Flicka Friends Folder. This is an 18 page photo gallery issue.

The newsletter shows Flickas in Washington, Michigan, North Carolina, Virginia, California, Minnesota, Baja California Sur, the South Pacific and the Bahamas.

They include Nor'Star and Pacific Seacraft Flickas, as well as Flicka built from plans.

This file is smaller than the one that will be on the site. The higher quality issue on the could not be uploaded to the Yahoo Flicka 20 Site. That file has been e-mailed to Gus to put on the Flicka 20 Homepage.

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