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Nick D

We are located in Amityville NY. The surge and high tide arrived together. The surge was 2ft higher than the Irene surge, which was 1 ft higher than most ever seen here (and a good 5ft higher than a normal high tide). It's a good question about being safer on land or in the water. I could not ever stay at my slip for a storm like this because we'd be sideways to the worst weather and the dock and pilings are too close to leave enough slack in the docklines to handle the surge. I could move to a temporary place in the docks but once the surge is in, there's no second chance to make adjustments and you don't know what other boats and docks are going to do. Nick

40°39'33" N
73°25'26" W

BTW, just got our power back so just able to properly respond.

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Nick, where is your Flicka located?
Mine is in Lewes DE and lucky for me, the eye of Sandy landed further north than expected so boats at the Marina did not float even though the land is only about a foot high in elevation.

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Just getting back online. Our Flicka is OK. Our home is OK but no power. Lot's of people worse off in my neighborhood with many people with 2 to 6 ft of water in their homes including my parents and a brother. It just came to the edge of our driveway.
Many boat yards are wrecked but ours is a little higher. Our boat actually floated with its trailer but stayed in place. Very big motorboats to each side floated but then leaned on other boats just leaving us a little tilted on our trailer, which I fixed today.
Boats at our club were in disarray. Yesterday we rescued 2 boats that floated across the river to a marsh with their trailers. The club house had 4ft inside . The garage collapsed on our 15 ft chase boat. I tied the committee boat (22 ft Stiegercraft) on long lines between the docks and it made it no problem considered 80 mph winds and at least 3 ft waves on the nose.

Hope everyone else is ok.

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I hauled on Friday which was planned before the storm developed.  After Irene when he was in the water, I'm convinced that land is best place for her though there's guessing what extreme winds can do..

Tom Phipps


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I just hauled today to get ready for Sandy. Insurance pays half for a named storm so $200 out of pocket is a safe bet against a ruined boat, even if I have insurance. I could use a paint job but not that way. Anyone else dealing with Sandy?

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