Re: Hurricane Irene

Daryl Clark

Just got a message from Boat US today. If you haul your boat, take the mast down and try to keep your boat as far away from other boats as possible. Stake the trailer down if possible. If possible, I would haul the boat further inland if you have time.

Good luck.


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We are within 30 miles of the track of Irene in Amityville Long Island NY. Spending a few days of strategizing how protect my home and the boat and realized that if I stayed near the boat I could be cut off from the house by water and perhaps lose my truck in the process. So, we just got back from the boatyard where the boat was hauled a few hours ago. Feeling a lot better now and able to focus on the home which is essentially just 2 miles from the ocean, less than 1 mile from the Great South Bay. I would say the boat is still at risk on its trailer in the boatyard but I know I've done everything possible. Hope everyone else at risk is taking action.

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