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Nick D

I had the same experience with bowl filling mysteriously even with the intake closed. I reasoned that it was back filling from the vertical section exhaust side of the system. After some tinkering, I think the system needs to be used a little each season before it starts working right. The valve may be a little dry and stiff, maybe with some dried debris that just need to get worked out because it works fine now and although I wish I could claim to be a brilliant mechanic, I didn't do much at all. Nick

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Gus and all interested---I've been mulling over what you said about finding a full bowl of water even with a vented loop installed.  When I changed the postion of my vented loop from inlet hose, that is, from the thru-hull to the pump, to a position in the hose from the pump to the bowl, I thought this would cure the problem.  But if Gus found water in a previously dry bowl with a vented loop in the same position as mine with an open thru-hull, I'm concerned.  It would seem that shouldn't happen even if the inlet valve to the pump is faulty or leaking or if the spring in the foot lever (on a Wilcox-Crittenden type toilet) broke, thus allowing the foot pedal to stay in the down and open valve position---the vented loop between the pump and bowl should stop any water going to the bowl.  Hmmmm?  I hope I won't found out the answer the hard way (maybe the answer is to just provide a bucket and throw the contents overboard when it's full!)---Bob (Red

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I am going to check out the vented loop when I go to the boat this weekend. Seems like a logical place to start. Bottom line: the seacock for the head is off when not in use to flush the toilet!

S/Y Ballo Liscio - Flicka 433

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I fitted a vented loop as Bob did. I never had a problem when I was on board all the time but I left the sea cock open once recently and came back to a full bowl.

this might help:

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Daryl---The first question is easy to answer, the inlet line for the toilet began to siphon water to the toilet bowl and evntually overflow and could have sunk the boat.  One answer, not one I'd recommend from personal experience, is to install a vented loop between the seacock and the head.  It will solve the problem of an accidentally opened seacock, for the venting stops the siphoning.  However, I did just that on the recommendation of West Marine's catalogue. But I could only get a small amount of water to enter the bowl (it was the same as trying to sip a soda through a straw with a hole in the straw, no suction).  So now I have a vented loop between the pump and the entry to the bowl because you can push fluids past a vented loop but not suction fluids past the loop. I'm told this is the correct way to go, hopefully I'll not find out otherwise.
   As to the second question, you must have an automatic bilge pump that was activated, because I don't know of any toilet that has a hose to the bilge (sounds smelly).
Bob (Red Rascal)
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Subject: [Flicka20] Marine Head - filling with water
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Spent the weekend on Ballo Liscio, my wife left the seacock for the head intake open and the head overlflowed into the bilge.
Fortunately we caught it before it became a real problem.

What confused me was that after I closed the head intake seacock and started pumping the head dry, water was also being pumped out of the bilge overboard.

So, I have couple of questions that I am hopeful this group can possibly shed some light upon:

1. What causes the head to start filling with water? Is there a vent that is not working properly or??? Note, I recently rebuilt the Groco HF head pump...

2. The Y Valve diverted is locked in a close position and the seacock is closed because we sail on inland waters. Why did the pumping of the head cause the bilge to be pumped?

We did pump the head on returning to the marina...

S/Y Ballo Liscio - Flicka 433

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