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Nick D

I agree about the bottom. Recently had a not great sail to windward to get to the next harbor. Next day swam and scrubbed the bottom and had a much better day sailing. Nick

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I spent years sailing my Flicka in the med and the airs are either very heavy or very light down there.

You have to remember these things,

1> she is a cruising boat and therefore relatively heavy
2> If you get a racing boat of the same waterline length there will be no room to sleep on board
3> It's a compromise
4> You can do a lot to improve the Flicka performance by keeping weight and windage down, i.e. NOT hanging wind farms off the pushpit or BBQ's and keeping gear load down. It all adds up so you have to think about the weight of every single thing on board. You can also buy a ruddy great big MPS or asymetrical spinnaker which will make her go in the lightest of winds.

Also keep the bottom clean as a whistle. Any weed on her bottom slows her down considerably in light airs.

The gaff rig has it's advantages and i think she will heave-to better with a gaff because as you reef the sail goes lower and stays aft.

But the smaller main sail size is not an issue if you have an MPS.
And with a gaff you have that top boom to drop on your head like dear old Tabarly did.


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Thank you so much to everyone for weighing in with your recommendations. You have given me a lot to think about. I will be sure to check in with an update when, not if, I get my Flicka.



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The Montgomery 17--the whole Montgomery series--is still being made
out here in southern California. I've been to their factory. Bob Eeg
is making Montgomeys along with the occasional NorSea 27.
He'll be delighted to hear your review of them.
If you want to see what they look like, you can find both NorSeas and
Mongomerys at

Hello Virginia,

I too share your admiration of the Flicka, and I wish you luck in
finding the F20 of your dreams.
On another note, I am a huge believer of sailing a small, nimble,
quick responding sailboat when first developing your skills. I have
owned a Montgomery 17 for 14 years and cannot say enough great
things about her. She handles like a BMW, accerates quickly, heaves
to with ease, and is a blast to sail. I have had her on all size
lakes including Superior. I spent 8 days aboard her in the North
Channel of Huron. She trailers with a mid size pick-up. They are
getting more difficult to find because owners tend to hang onto them.
I am certainly not trying to sway you from owning a Flicka, but an
M17 would certainly put a big smile on your face. (they sell for a
quarter of the cost of a Flicka).

Good Luck,


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