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Nick D

Might be obvious but there are 2 intake valves that need to be open. Thw main valve shared with the engine intake and the valve for the head on the bulkhead of the head in the standard PC boat. regards Nick

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Daryl---This is not a solution, but it would seem that your problem comes down to 2 things: either the inlet hose is plugged or a leak has occurred somewhere along the line.  The latter would allow air to enter and reduce or eliminate suction. If you have a vented loop in the inlet hose, this can reduce (and I have one) or stop the inflow of water to the bowl---Just some thoughts as to where to begin in tracking down this problem.
Bob (Red Rascal)

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I ordered the kit through West Marine, should be here later this week. No amount of pumping would bring water into the bowl. But it would flush the contents of the bowl just fine. There are a couple video's on youtube, which helped get a feeling for the work envolved - seems fairly trivial to repair! Expensive kit though!

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I had that trouble too, but found if I pumped slowly and with full strokes (couldn't think of a way to write that so it sounded better) it would start to draw again. You an feel the resistance start.

Michael La Guardia

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So what part of this manual head is defective, if you can pump it dry but cannot pump fresh water into the bowl?

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