Re: Yanmar panel gasket question.

Nick D

Ivan, is the single bead lined up with one of the 2 beads on the other side, or is it in between? If in between, the single bead probably flexes the web between the double bead so it has a little softer compression to hold a seal. I'd put the double towards the panel so the compression is spread over a wider area on the weaker control panel (relative to the strength of the fiberglass cockpit bulkhead).

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Hi all:
I had to do some work on the Yanmar panel in the cockpit. It was glued in with some silicone type sealant. I had to use a hacksaw blade to cut it in between the panel and the cockpit wall. Tremendous aggravation. I fixed what I wanted, bought a panel gasket from the Yanmar dealer, but he did not know which side faces the Yanmar panel. One side of the gasket has a single bead (a raised line), the other side has two beads. There must be a reason for this, but it is not obvious for me.
Anyone who knows which side faces the Yanmar panel, please let me know. Thanks. Ivan, Sans Souci on the LI Sound NY.

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