Re: 20 knots of wind

Nick D

Hi, I would add that my wife and I race our centerboard Oday Mariner 19'6", 1500lbs, a little bigger main than the Flicka and we weigh less tahn 300lbs together. We put in a mini reef (about 18 inches) at 20 kts and are still competitive. Full reef at 25kts. We've been in gusts over 30 where it gets dicey if the jib is up due to lee helm. We love the Mariner and are really looking forward to our first season with the Flicka. We sold our Pearson Wanderer last fall. We also race El Toros frostbiting in the winters here in NY. To us it looks like the locus of Wanderer, Mariner and El Toro is the Flicka. Nick

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Hi William, 20 knots of wind is no big deal. I don't even think of reefing before 23 or so. That's when a Flicka really starts to sail. I have a 130% yankee but I can't fly that much above 20 knots so I change down to the 80% jib and carry on. If the wind keeps increasing I reef the main somewhere around 23/24 knots. If it keeps increasing I start to play and think about the storm jib.

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