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This Discussion group is for FLEX radios using the SmartSDR architecture. The new hardware architecture has multiple processors including a Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA). The FPGA supports direct Digital Down Conversion of the signal and provides tremendous processing power in the radio. SmartSDR is the software running on the radio controlling it all. The user interface is thin client and network connected. Radios currently include the Signature series models 6300, 6400, 6500, 6600 and 6700. 

The group is "user owned and operated" and not affiliated with Flex Radio although employees are encouraged to participate. Third party vendors that provide related hardware or software accessories are encouraged to participate. 

Members of the forum can:
- Post questions and share information about about the operation of your radio
- Post questions and share information about interfacing your station peripherals
- Create photo ALBUMS and post pictures of your station 
- Add to the LINKs section for your web page, other related pages, blogs, vendors links, etc
- Post documents in the FILES section 
- Participate in polls (e.g. most wanted features, etc)
- Post "for sale" and "want to buy" - please request for replies "off the forum"

- Keep it professional, friendly and fun
- No personal attacks, be courteous
- Provide your call sign when requesting to join 
- Provide your name / call when posting messages
- Use your call sign in the name when creating a photo ALBUM
- Radio support issues and complaints should be directed to one of the Flex company channels

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