Sources For Ice Blocks

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I noticed that Greenway Products makes HO scale ice blocks.  These can be seen at:


about one-third down the page.  This part is #Clutter_02


The size of the blocks is not stated, however, blocks from the various independent ice companies and packing houses did vary in size.


I believe the blocks produced at PFE and Santa Fe ice manufacturing facilities were a little more standardized at about 11" x 22" x 44".  This is probably not that important to Florida modelers, however.


Other sources for ice blocks include:


Tichy Train Group   

Part 8172


Alpine Division Scale Models

Part #130-569


JL Innovative Design

Part #191-205


Creative Model Associates

Part #1012

No longer manufactured. May be available at swap meets     


Berkshire Valley

Part #730 (O scale)


Bob Chaparro


Citrus Industry Modeling Group