L-Scale (Lego) Bradenton, FL Tropicana Juice Plant

david glenn

I'm a new member that had been lurking around the California Citrus Industry yahoo group without knowing that there was a Florida Citrus Model RR group.   I've had an interest in the Bradenton Tropicana Plant and finally worked it into our GFLUG (Greater Florida Lego User's Group, modular L-scale (Lego) train layout.  Check out the Album in the photos section. We display this modular layout at several Tampa Bay area model railroad train shows. You can check out our website for more info on the shows that we attend.

For the reefers, and since we had several members interested in participating, I created custom stickers for each interested member with their own road numbers for each of their Tropicana reefers. As a group, we have about 15 Lego reefers, older and newer, completed with more on the way.

It's still a work in progress as I add more buildings and include a loop of track within the plant itself, so that I can have an independent switcher 'moving' reefers around the plant. (That's non-prototypical, but it will add continuous movement within the Tropicana display.)

It's definitely something that you don't see all the time.

Next up for me is a series of T-trak,  N-scale module(s) of the modern, Bradenton, FL Tropicana Juice Plant.