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Don't know about WIF refers from Havana BUT I believe by 1950s WIF was using Port of Palm Beach. I remember as a kid being at the beach in Lake Worth(just south of WPB) and seeing the car ferries. I have attached two files that should help with some information.
Bill Michael

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Thank you for letting me join.

My work in progress is an H0 SAL 1960s DCC line in south Florida.

Was there any fruit and veg traffic, in WIF reefers from Cuba coming into Port of Miami. Pre- Kennedy trade embargo?

Phil Clark, Catarman, Philippines.

Bill Parks

You might want to Google "Cuban Fruit Exports 1950s".  I believe there are several academic documents that cover what exactly Cuba exported to the US (I think the main fruit was pineapples, not much citrus).  They may also say what ports in the US were used.

Also try to Google "West Indies Fruit Company". You might be able to find some company history.  I think Dole acquired it at some point, but not sure