[floridacitrusindustrymodeling] Re: Florida Frozen Fruits - HainesCity FL

David Renfro

The following insurance maps are an excellent resource. This 
is Haines City, 1917 and 1923:

On Thursday, January 12, 2017 8:29 AM, "bparks_43@... [floridacitrusindustrymodeling]" wrote:

I live outside of Atlanta.

My main interest is the former Baldwin Subdivision of the SAL (Baldwin to Wildwood).  Working on a design for an HO scale version to take up my basement.  I do get down to Central Florida occasionally to railfan/"research" it.  Next time I'm down there I will plan a detour to Haines City.

A side interest of mine is collecting old stock certificates (mainly railroad related).  Through that, I found a certificate for Florida Frozen Fruits, and that made me curious about the company.

Thanks for the info