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Bill Parks

Does anyone have any information on a company called "Florida Frozen Fruits" that apparently was located in Haines City FL until about 1950?  All I have been able to find is on the FL Secretary of State website that the company was dissolved in 1950.

 I'm guessing they were a customer of the ACL.


david glenn

I didn't find much information online, other than this article:

The Billboard, weekly publication, January 5, 1946


Florida Concern To Make Orange Juice Concentrate


HAINES CITY, Fla., Dec. 29 <sic. 1945.>.- Florida Frozen Fruits, Inc., of this city, has announced its plans for manufacturing concentrated orange juice using cold rather than heat as a method to retain fresh juice flavor.  Manufacture will start, the firm reports, shortly after the first of the year.

            Richard Holzcker and Charles M. Henderson, heads of the company, said that the process has ben developed within the past several years.  So far as they know, theirs will be the first attempt to use the method commercially.  Vending machine men are watching developments of the process for its possible use in juice venders.

           This process is one more step toward retaining the full flavor and nutritive value of the citrus crop which is growing larger and larger every season.  Purpose of the venture, of course, is to give the buying public a fresh juice drink in a more convenient form.

Start This Month


           Starting operations in March, 1945, Florida Frozen Fruits, Inc., ran for some time on last year’s crop.  Firm is currently engaged in freezing pineapple chunks.  Citrus concentrate division of the company, which will start operations in January, should reach an output of 200,000 gallons of the double strength juice concentrate, say the company heads.

           The juice concentrate method is comparatively simple. Juice is placed in a large glass-lined tank which is filled to the half-way mark.  Then the air is removed from the tank and the juice until there is barely a twitch of the air gauge indicator. Water, which the juices contain, freezes under the vacuum.

           The remains which result from this process are then put thru a large centrifuge-a drum with tiny holes along its outer rim. As the drum is whirled, the juice escapes thru the small holes, while the frozen water is retained inside.  This produces a thick, heavy concentrate, somewhat like that produced by the heat method.


Add Cold Water


Purchasers who buy the concentrate need only add cold water to the concentrate, and the fresh fruit juice is ready to drink.

            Henderson and Holzcker said that they will put the concentrate in five-gallon containers for commercial users, in in one pint packages for use in the home. One pint, they said, will make a quart of juice once the water is added.

            The cold method for concentrating fresh fruit juices may hasten the day of the successful mixer-type fruit drink vender.  Simplicity of the method makes it ideal for adaptation and use in vending machines.,+Florida+Frozen+Fruits&source=bl&ots=uzg6fKTbKS&sig=gihd-oGyxKKoqUoxE_O_aLaLms0&hl=en&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwiJ5IDaxrXRAhUG5iYKHR8aCKw4ChDoAQggMAE#v=onepage&q=Haines%20City%2C%20Florida%20Frozen%20Fruits&f=false


Picture of Frozen Juice Concentrate packed by Florida Frozen Fruits, Inc., Haines City, FL 1946. Shipped to Lakeland, FL and Jacksonville FL at a minimum. You can se the cans, but I haven't found a picture of any label or such, yet. 

Frozen Orange Juice, The Early Years | Vintage Jacksonville

You may need to physically visit the CIty of Haines City and go through the library to find old newspapers and such about what may have happened to the company. Perhaps there is also some small history museum there too?  Either it went out of business, because I don't think the cold method for making concentrate last long, or it was bought out by another company.  Let us know if you find out. 

Also, I looked at an old 1950 census map online, and it did show the "ACL" RR line running through town with a southern ACL Sebring Branch line heading south.  The juice plant may have been located along this line? 

David G.
PInellas Co., FL

Bill Parks

Thanks for the information.  I didn't see that in any of the searches I did.

Since the process explained in the article is not the "industry standard" (heat is) I'm guessing it either was not as economical or the product didn't perform as planned.  That also may explain why the company shut down five years later

david glenn

Yes, I agree.  It would be interesting to find an old map showing the facility or some old photos, but most likely will require a trip to Haines City for a day of research.  With any luck, the building(s) may even still be there being used for something else?  Are you located close to there at all? I'm over in the Tampa Bay area. 

Bill Parks

I live outside of Atlanta.

My main interest is the former Baldwin Subdivision of the SAL (Baldwin to Wildwood).  Working on a design for an HO scale version to take up my basement.  I do get down to Central Florida occasionally to railfan/"research" it.  Next time I'm down there I will plan a detour to Haines City.

A side interest of mine is collecting old stock certificates (mainly railroad related).  Through that, I found a certificate for Florida Frozen Fruits, and that made me curious about the company.

Thanks for the info



Perhaps these links will help:

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The ribbon-cutting for the new Florida... - Haines City Historical Society | Facebook
Perhaps the folks at the Haines City Historical Society can help you in your quest.


david glenn

Hello.  I have a request in to the Haines City Historical Society asking for more info about Florida Frozen Fruits, Inc. 

David G.