FEC and citrus

David Renfro

This structure is located in Mims, east
of the FEC and SR46 crossing. (see "New Photos" or
Dave R's photos)

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One good way to find photos is through post cards.
Many a packinghouse or association had their own post cards.
Ebay would be a good place to search.

Another source would be old issues of Citrus Industry magazine, a large University Library (in Florida) should have a set.
They may have stories written about individual packing houses.
I know that when I worked for them they would do such stories, complete with pictures.

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85th streetis the one that crosses the street.  Look in Google earth,
and put the little man on the street.  The photos will take you there.
Chuck Higdon - check out my FEC layout


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Hello Bill,
I have attached some photos I took in 2008
of building next to the FEC tracks, but now no switch in place.  This first
one is on the north side of the street that crosses the tracks.
Chuck Higdon - check out my FEC layout


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Anyone have information on citrus packing/loading on
FEC? Locations, names of companies, type of structures?
Thank you
Bill Michael
Hendersnville , NC