Yeah, but is it Art? A PDF of Tracy's talk.


I have finally completed the PDF version of the talk I gave  at the Center for Photographic Art on Jan 21,2016. There were lots of request for a "take-home" version, so here it is.

The blurb on the CPA described the talk thusly:

"Photography as art has been on a path of accelerating change for the past century, and there is no slowdown in sight. From Alfred Stieglitz to Ansel Adams, Cindy Sherman through Kate Steciw, on into the cell-phone age, looking at and understanding photographs requires keeping up with the pace. CPA member/photographer Tracy Valleau has recently investigated all this, and will share his journey of discovery from modernism to contemporary art as it applies to photography. In this illustrated talk, Tracy will offer some basic concepts and tools to use when viewing photographs as art."

This is a second post because I could not figure out how to replace the attachment with "rev.2" which fixes some typos and spelling errors.

I hope you enjoy it.