Where do you get your supplies?


Making prints isn't cheap, and I know we're all on the lookout for better prices and/or quality. So: where do you get your supplies?

I buy my paper from whoever has it on sale, and factoring in taxes and shipping. Sometimes it's Amazon (although they charge CA sales tax) and sometime B&H Photo (tax and often shipping free). often has good prices, including ink.

I get 32x40 matte boards most often from, or These last may be good for Neilsen frames too.

I've been getting my acrylic glazing from

These are just my choices, and no doubt others can recommend even better places. Please do, so we can all benefit from better prices and/or service.

What are your secret supply houses?

Tracy Valleau, moderator

Tracy Valleau, moderator

Jim Kasson

Atlex often has really good prices on printer paper, sometimes shockingly so, but not consistently so. They're worth checking.

Sometimes their packing for shipment leaves something to be desired.

Jim Kasson





been using  very happy with the quality of their stuff.

Has been very reliable for years for me.