Print life with new Epson printers


Epson came out with new printers (the "P" series) and new HDR inks.

Are those new inks superior, at least in terms of longevity and fade characteristics, when compared to the venerable K3 inks?

According to Aardenburg Imaging & Archives, the answer is a resounding "Yes!"

Prints made with the newer inks will last 1.5 to 2 times longer, and will fade more uniformly than the K3 inks.

Technology marches on, and the quality of our digital prints continues to improve.

The whole article is here (including a download-as-PDF option):

Tracy Valleau, moderator



As an owner of a P800 (the 17" P model) this is certainly good to hear. Overall, I'm reasonably satisfied with the printer. On the most important criterion, image quality, I have to say I think it does a very nice job. I've had compliments on the tonal range in my B&W prints, which is, in all honestly, largely due to the printer, coupled with custom profiles created by Mr. Valleau.

The printer does suffer from Epson's photo black/matte black switching nonsense. My biggest complaint is that one must load the "fine art" papers from the front, and that is a complete pain. There are various things inside the printer that conspire to grab it as you try to load it. Then it has to bend up onto the rear paper holder, the angle of which is too acute for paper to easily bend. The leading edge of the paper can get pretty banged up. If someone has figured out how to do this easily, please let me know. Other types of paper can get loaded from the top, and there are no issues with that.

Oh, and cartridges are about $45 per...