Epson 1430 printing issue


I have been working with supplier trying to get CISS system to work with my brand new Artisan 1430. I am now getting perfect nozzle checks after many cleanings and test prints to "work" the ink through.

But when starting to print I get ink starvation at beginning and end of print. Its only 8.5"x11" paper right now. But it is about 2" at start and finish.

Supplier is sending me individual refillable carts to try, but just wondering how others are doing with CISS systems and this printer.

Epson OEM carts print perfect.



If you had said just the end of the print, I'd conjecture something about a vacuum, or the carts not being ventilated properly. I'm not familiar with the 1430, so I don't know if it pressurized the carts, ala the pro systems. If not, then perhaps a bubble in the lines to the carts, or a crimp?

The one time I tried a CIS, it was important, as I recall, that the source tanks be at the same "elevation" as the fake cartridges. Too high, or too low, and the ink didn't flow properly.  HTH.
Tracy Valleau, moderator