Dell U2413 99% ARGB, 10-bit monitor for sale...


... or it will be on Friday, Sept 1, after my new monitor arrives.

Has been great, but I don't need -three- monitors! I've been running 2 of the U2413's and just got a 27" Benq which should be here Thursday (hence the delay.)

If you know me, and want to come over to pick it up, it's $250.
If you want me to ship it, you'll have to pay shipping costs. Probably around $40, but I'm guessing. It will be actual cost of shipping, of course.

99% of Adobe RGB color space makes a visible difference if you've been using a "normal" sRGB monitor. If you happen to have an Epson Pro printer, that's also the space it can print (basically - YMMV.) 

I'm going to assume that if you're in this group, you know why you'd want a 99%ARGB, 10-bit monitor. Here's your chance to get one for $250.

First come, first served.
Tracy Valleau, moderator