HatchFund - KickStarter for artists


Not just to let you know that there is a "KickStart" for artists (which is sweet information!) but furthermore, I'm making use of it just now myself. (Yeah: this is a self-serving post  ;-)

For those of us in my generation (I'm over 70) the thought of asking strangers (or friends) for money for a project was an anathema. One just didn't do it. On the other hand, for younger generations, KickStarter and HatchFund are natural and normal parts of their existence.

That posed a conflict for me. Of course, facing the prospect of many thousands of dollars of costs for my first solo museum show also posed "a conflict." I've never done anything like this, so I talked with the folks at HatchFund (who are indeed younger than me by a generation or two) and they were delightfully helpful, persuading me to go ahead.

Frankly, I still feel a bit awkward about it, but "in for a penny; in for a pound."

The project is about 30% funded, with under $4000 to go. At contribution levels of $100 or higher, I'm offering various sizes of my prints. That's not a bad deal since they sell for $400 and up. My intent is to offer images from the show, but as of late August, the curator and I have not decided on which images will be shown, except for a few, so ...

I hope you'll consider visiting my Hatchfund page for a look around:

The link to it is :…/first_museum_solo_exhibition/

Tracy Valleau, moderator