Maintenance Tank not Recognized: follow up


Just to follow up on the maintenance tank issue I was having:
Turns out that the tank sensor module (item #555 in the exploded diagram for the 9900) was bad. Epson (through Fuji Film, through a local contractor) has a technician in Anchorage. He was able to pull the right cowling off and replace the sensor and ribbon wire lead and resurrect my machine. Their estimate (they haven’t billed me yet) was about $345. Yes, expensive for a 30min job, but cheap compared to replacing the printer (which I was considering). I was almost into the machine, but there were a few screws I couldn’t see, so couldn’t get into the machine myself. Now I know where they are and how to get into it.

I bought this machine in 2010. To date I have replaced the printer head (thanks to Eric at Myx900 for all the help and videos), wiper blades, etc. And now the waste tank sensor. I’m hoping to keep it going for a while longer.

Hal Gage