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I first became interested in photography in my early 20’s. I learned about the exposure triangle and the pleasure of operating a beautiful little manual camera, an OM-2. I went far enough to learn how to develop film and make a print in the darkroom. During that period I took quite a number of photos that could best be described as “forgettable”. I knew nothing about composition and certainly nothing about the history of photography.


A series of moves and life changes in my later 20’s put photography on the back burner. Over the next decades I usually owned a camera, used for vacation pictures and recording life events. The desire to become a photographer never went away; I just didn’t make much progress toward making the desire a reality other than learning how to use Lightroom and reading a couple of books on composition and technique.


I retired in mid-2014 and later that year decided to give it a serious try. Which brings us to the present day. I take mostly landscapes and seascapes, digitally, and covent to black and white using Silver Efex Pro. I am a member of ImageMakers in Monterey, CA and The Center for Photographic Art in Carmel, CA.