Re: Photozoom Pro is 50% off until July 31.


Hi Jeff.  

I can't say that I've noticed that, but then I have not been looking for it either. Since it is cosmetic, I'd not worry about it (but I'll look anyway.)

Everyone will have a different use for PZP. FWIW, mine is strictly to enlarge an image. To that end, I do virtually nothing else in the software. Everything is set to Zero except sharpening, which I set to 41, which to my eye, is pretty close to the minimalist sharpening done by other's "raw presharpening." (I use S-spine Max for the algorithm.) I do all my "real" sharpening runs in other software.

My workflow, then, is to prepare the image for PZP in Photoshop/Affinity Photo/DxO or whatever; export as TIFF; run the extrapolation; and reload into Photoshop for final sharpening & tweaking.


Tracy Valleau, moderator


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