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As a (retired) certified Mac consultant, I agree with Oliver, and use Chronosync myself.

Using a backup that will only copy changed files, rather than re-copying -everything- will dramatically reduce backup time.

Based on my own experience, 2 TB backed up from scratch should take 8-10 hours; certainly not 20 hours. And keeping that updated with incremental (changed files only) would reduce the daily backup to about 20 minutes (depending on how much is changed, of course.)

Do be careful that your machine can handle 8TB drives. I looked up your machine, and see that it support SATA III, which is good, and if your drives are compatible, the speed should match what I mentioned above.


On 20 Jun 2016, at 20:35, Oliver Klink wrote:

If you are on Mac - ChronoSync and ChronoAgent ( With Agent you can have automatic scheduling.
If you are on PC - Acronis (

Your backup speed is also function of your drive connectivity. Having USB 3.0 drives or even Thunderbolt will likely reduce your backup time.
I currently have over 80TB of data at my house. Managing it tends to be challenging, especially when you have to move around data because you run out of storage ;-(
I would also recommend evaluating RAID system, so you protect your data against hardware failure.

Good luck … Oliver.

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On Jun 20, 2016, at 8:28 PM, David Clarkson <@DavidC> wrote:

I am facing limits on both my active file and back up storage capabilities. I may very well exceed the limits on one or both within the next two months.

My last full base back up required almost 20 hours to complete 2T of data. This seems a bit unreasonable to me. While adding storage seems simple, the back up times present more problems. (Cloud storage appears to be too slow and expensive.) I have an open hard drive shelf in my Dell 8700. I can also swap my existing 4T for an 8T external drive. Installing either or both seems easy.

Can anyone provide advice for faster, yet dependable and secure, back up software?

Your thoughts or experience would be helpful.


David Clarkson

Tracy Valleau, moderator


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