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I’ve avoided LR like the plague. I use either Phocus or C1f or RAW as I never liked ACR, and my tentative look at LR didn’t impress. Fortunately, PK Sharpener hasn’t failed for me, yet. Is it possible to have LR without PS? I get them together as part of my monthly payment.



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Hi Mary

I too use the $10 PS/LR subscription. As to that old "buzz" if I recall correctly it was about backward compatibility, not forward. I do know that all my old PS files open just fine in CC, although I doubt my new CC files will open with specialized layers in, say PS6. That's normal for forward progress in software: old stuff will usually open fine for a long while, but new stuff, with new features, won't open in old software that doesn't recognize the new features.

TIFF will be good forever. That said, there are photoshop layers that won't embed in TIF file, and TIF files may be larger. I'd say that if you want to round-trip things (LR -> PS ->LR -> PS) you'd want to stay with PSD, especailly if you're using the latest-and-greatest whiz-bang layering tools. I believe Adobe's response to all that kerfuffle was the "ensure compatibility" option in prefs.

Eric Chan (at Adobe) is of the "6 of one, half-dozen of the other" school.

My choice is to keep the "working" file and/or master in PSD and file/print the flattened TIFFs. Some third-party software won't take PSDs but will take TIFs.


I -loved- the Pixel Genius software... until the day that every one of their products refused to run, at all. Support at PG simply gave up trying to fix it, and now it's been, what? three years? since the last update.

Meanwhile, the PG sharpening has been incorporated into LR, so that takes of that, and I've switched to other tools in PS, such as FocusMagic, and others, and march onward...



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