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Mary Aiu

Hello Tracy,

Thank you for the info. I am PSCC subscriber. 

Back when Adobe changed to subscription services there was the annoying "buzz" going around that you would not be able to open new or old PSD files if you didn't jump on board. I have no idea if that was true, or how to get around it, as I didn't pursue an answer. So to set the record straight, since you posted about this new product, was that ever true? I'm assuming not since there is this other product. And...... should I save my images as a tiff rather than a PSD to avoid problems. 



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On Nov 22, 2016, at 8:41 AM, Tracy Valleau <tracy@...> wrote:

Yes: I know this is a very quiet group, but it's still alive!

First, my best wishes to one and all for the holidays, and the coming new year !

Second, the only viable Photoshop replacement, Affinity Photo, is being updated to version 1.5 in December. The release candidate is available now, here.

If you don't know Affinity Photo: it's $49 forever. No subscriptions. It's photography only - no wasted add-on 'stuff'. It's 32-bit workflow. It works with Photoshop plugins. The new release includes "actions" - they call them "macros."

IMHO it's not only a viable alternative, but in some ways is superior to, Photoshop. I'm actually on the verge of canceling my subscription.

(Not related, just a satisfied customer, etc. etc.  YMMV.)

Tracy Valleau, moderator


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