New Affinity Photo coming... and...


Yes: I know this is a very quiet group, but it's still alive!

First, my best wishes to one and all for the holidays, and the coming new year !

Second, the only viable Photoshop replacement, Affinity Photo, is being updated to version 1.5 in December. The release candidate is available now, here.

If you don't know Affinity Photo: it's $49 forever. No subscriptions. It's photography only - no wasted add-on 'stuff'. It's 32-bit workflow. It works with Photoshop plugins. The new release includes "actions" - they call them "macros."

IMHO it's not only a viable alternative, but in some ways is superior to, Photoshop. I'm actually on the verge of canceling my subscription.

(Not related, just a satisfied customer, etc. etc.  YMMV.)

Tracy Valleau, moderator


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