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A gathering place for caretakers of cats with known or suspected small cell lymphoma (SCL), as well as veterinary professionals, for discussion, information, and support. Also known as low-grade or lymphocytic lymphoma, SCL often presents identically to IBD, including nausea and/or diarrhea, and sometimes just weight loss. It is treated with mild, every-other-week, oral chemotherapy and daily prednisolone and has a very high full remission rate and a years-long average prognosis with excellent quality of life.

The group is strongly geared towards evidence-based medicine, is up to date on the latest treatment protocols, and has "seen" more SCL cats, and suspected SCL cats, than most veterinarians. Our goal is to help cat caretakers become better educated and better partners with their vets as they navigate through diagnosis and treatment of this highly treatable disease. 

Join us to learn more.

(Note: If your cat has large cell lymphoma, please consider joining the feline_lymphoma yahoo group instead.)

Please note: Information in this group is for educational purposes only and not a substitute for your own veterinarian's advice.

The group is dedicated to Charlie. =^..^= b. May 1999  d. Dec. 2015 RIP

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