FATE v0.3 has been released June 18

FedAI Admin

 FATE 0.3 version has been  released June 18 , the major features and improvements are as follows:


> FederatedML

* Support OneVsALL for multi-label classification task

* Add trash-recycle in Hetero Logistic Regression

* Add numeric stable for sigmoid and log_logistic function.

* Support different calculation mode in Hetero Logistic Regression and Hetero SecureBoost

* Decouple Federated Feature Binning and Federated Feature Selection

* Add feature importance calculation in Hetero SecureBoost

* Add multi-host in Hetero SecureBoost

* Support tag:value sparse format input data

* Support output intersect-id with feature-instance in Intersection

* Support OneHot encoding module.

* Support bucket binning for Federated Feature Binning.

* Support add, sub, mul, div ,gt, lt ,eq, etc mathematical operator on Fixed-Point data

* Add authority validation for parameter setting


> FATE-Serving

* Add multi-level cache for multi-party inference result

* Add startInferceJob and getInferenceResult interfaces to support the inference process asynchronization

* Normalized inference return code

* Real-time logging of inference summary logs and inferential detail logs

* Improve the loading of the pre and post processing adapter and data access adapter for host


> EggRoll

* New computing and storage APIs

* Stability optimizations

* Performance optimizations

* Storage usage improvements


> Example

* Add Mini-FederatedML test task example

* Using task manager to submit distributed task for current examples 


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