FUNcube-1 Transponder Status

Dave G4DPZ

The FUNcube team put FUNcube-1 (AO-73) into full time high power Telemetry mode on 9th March, to test out the response of the Battery and PA temperatures 
as the satellite starts to enter an eclipse period. This has thrown up some interesting thermal responses within the satellite (nothing threatening). The battery temps have 
gone down in response to the PA consuming / dissipating more energy.
We will be reviewing the move back to transponder mode in the next few days and will publish the timeline here and on other social media channels.
As always we should like to express out thanks to all those who capture data packets and upload them to the data warehouse:
Dave, G4DPZ
on behalf of the FUNcube Team

Dave G4DPZ


The FUNcube team discussed the operations of the satellite during their weekly meeting, last Sunday.

It will start to enter eclipses on 8th April and as a result they expect to see the internal temperatures drop.

They are concerned about the 'double vision' as they call it when the transmitter starts up and causes two
images in the downlink passband. Therefore there will be a further delay until they are satisfied that the temperature has
dropped to a safe level for a full reboot.

I will keep you updated with more details as they become available.


Dave, G4DPZ
On behalf on the FUNcube Team

Brian Hardy

Hi all,

Now that FUNcube is much cooler thanks to a resumption of eclipses the transponder has been turned on again and all seems to be working well at first glance. If you find any anomalous operation please email operations@...

Brian - G4BIP