Setting up the 101d with Fldigi


Can anyone tell me what settings are needed for both fldigi and the 101. It RX OK and the PC is putting out audio on TX,but it is not switching the TX on. Im thinking of putting Signalink back on, no problems using that on the old rig.

The only way I could get it to work was to download flrig, set that up and then have automatically start when fldigi is booted. It works, but do you know a better way?

Richard Kennedy

I found that using the combination of Flrig and Fldigi to be very workable on all modes/bands. 

The FT101 has a better quality built-in soundcard system than the SignaLink.  You can easily use the sliders on Fldigi in combination with the 101's RF receive level to optimize both signal sensitivity and decode-ability.  Likewise, ensuring your transmit has zero sidebars can be done with AMC and Fldigi sliders.

GL 73 Rich, K3VAT