High swr modification/fix failed

Justin <2E0EUG@...>

Hi everyone, so I got my radio back last week after it went for repair to fix issued by Yaesu the high swr when using the tuner, unfortunately it has not completely fixed the problem, it is not longer doing it on the lower bands but the issue still remains on 10 meters, I am awaiting a call from the shop to see what happens next, I am wondering if the radio has an undiagnosed fault or whether the fix issued is not a complete solution, any advice from the forum and fellow hams would be greatly appreciated.

Lou W7HV

It's not a problem I've had or know much about.  Is it a D or MP?   Who did the repair and in which country, Yaesu or some other shop/dealer?  It's still under warranty, correct?

Rejean Leveille

You need to know what first was the swr on 10 m if it was designed to found a match or not.

Justin <2E0EUG@...>

Hi Lou, yes its a known issue with the MP, Yaesu have issued a modification which apparently will be released soon to the public according to someone on this forum, unfortunatly it seems its not a complete fix, I am waiting for the engineer to get back to me next week but it looks like the radio will have to go back again, to be honest I will not be buying Yaesu again, so far this radio has had the finals fail and this swr tuner issue, although its a nice radio part of me thinks I should have got the 890

Justin <2E0EUG@...>

I dont understand your reply, the tuner works on hf and 50 mhz, this is clearly stated in the extensive supplied user guide.

Antenna tuner Matching impedance range 16.7 to 150Ω (1.8~29.7 MHz)
25 to 100Ω (50 MHz)

Lou W7HV

Hi Justin,  I'm a little out of the loop on this.  I have an new MP (manufactured in Jan 21) so would like to understand the issue.   From your posts, I gather there is a known issue with the ATU on the MP.  What exactly is that issue?  Does the ATU fail to reach a tune when presented with loads of  SWR 3:1 and lower? Does it report High SWR for loads of SWR 3:1 or below or just not reach a low SWR?  I have an MP so how would I go about trying to reproduce the problem?   I haven't systematically tested mine, but have used it on 80-10m and it's worked OK, even in a few cases presented with SWRs between 3:1 and 3.5:1.

I'm also curious if the repair was done by the Yaesu service department or another shop and if was it in USA or another country?


Justin <2E0EUG@...>