RX tone adjustment?

Matt Wells

Seems strange to me that my friends FT10DX has tone adjustment on RX yet the 101 does not?  Icom's have had it for years yet yaesu flagship 101mp you cant change the tone of RX
could this be a firmware update request or is this a hardware oversight by yaesu?


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Lou W7HV

Yes.  There are individual adjustable high and low audio filters for all modes. However, if the PRESET button in the MODE MENU is active (blue) its audio high and low filter settings override setting for other modes.   Be sure the PRESET button is greyed out when it's not being used.

Further, the adjustable CONTOUR knob and menu settings can be used to adjust the audio.

The effects of any of the adjustments can be seen in the spectra shown in the MULTI AFFT display and in the FILTER FUNCTION displays.

W0ARM - Alan

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Macy monkeys

Pitch control on sidetone.

John K7FD

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Lou W7HV

CW HI and LO CUT slope and frequency are under FUNC, CW SETTING.  See page 97 of the manual.

CONTOUR can also be used as a broad peaking filter or broad notch, effectively working as tone controls as well. FUNC, OPERATING SETTING.  Page 104.

Be sure PRESET is greyed out in the MODE MENU as its HI and LO CUT settings will override those in the other modes if its active (blue).