Contesting SSB Audio Setting --- How Adjust?

Dave W4JVN

In the CQWW 160M SSB contest, I was told that my audio has too much bass AND needs more Highs to get the signal to punch through better..

Looking at pages 52-52 in the manual may address that.   I do not understand it nor how does one set the menus to get More Highs in transmit audio.

I am lost with this. Any help is appreciated.
Dave W4JVN

Rejean Leveille

You got some answers about mic settings, also selecting multi mode screen, you can see your own audio from AF-FFT MAIN, where are the peaks,,,
Do not forget to get your RF energy around 300-2400 or 400-2600 Hz for contest and DX

Rejean, va2am

Lou W7HV

What I do is use the 101's voice recorder and make some recording.  Then transmit them into a dummy and listen on another rig connected to another dummy or disconnected from an antenna, whatever gets the rx level OK.  I play the recordings and listen on the other rig.  I have to have the mic level right when making the recording, but after that I can experiment with AMC, COMP, and equalizer settings, listen to the effects on the other rig, and decide what works the best.