Contour control #PA7RA

Colyn Baillie-Searle

I have set the contour width to 6 and have altered the gain from 1 to 20 but I cannot hear any difference. If I got to minus it does attenuate. What is the effect changing from 1 to 20?

Rejean Leveille

This will increase the audio gain matching the selected frequency when on the plus side. People voice got a broad range our ears are not linear and you may not notice a difference.
Let say you try to better understand someone under static noise by tuning the low range voice 300-600 Hz this will sound better because the 1000-2300 Hz will stay at the same level.
On CW we use it to match the programmed pitch frequency 600-700 Hz or else and we can reduce the volume control for less ear fatigue. I better like the APF for CW.
For RTTY I will select my programmed tone mark to 2125 Hz, this helps under some qrm and strong fading with 250 hz bandwidth.
I must agree that function better sounded on FTdx5000. Of course Ftdx101 series unlike FTdx5000 uses SDR software including AGC and could explain some differences.

73, va2am, Rejean

Colyn Baillie-Searle

Hi Rejean.
Thank you for your detailed answer but unfortunaely I do not do SSB , RTTY or any other digital modes except CW. I have turned it to the tone of my CW note which I use 700HZ but switching the Contour control in and turning i tot he tone of the signal, the noise is reduced but the signal is also reduced althought I have the contour set to 20 in the menu. I notice no difference having the setting between 1 and 20. When I had a FT3000 the contour control boastd the signal and I found it very useful, With the 101D I find it useless. I will agree I find the APF very good. I hope Yaesu corrects this contour control with the next firmware update.
73's and please stay safe. Colyn GD4EIP

Jaime Perez

Yes the same with me (FT101MP) the Contour is no working properly in CW it does not do anything, in my old FT5K coud enhance quite high the CW signals.
Jaime, EA6NB.