FTdx101/Quadra interconnect better solution


Why Yaesu choose to use BAND DATA 2 with the Quadra amplifier is beyond me - makes little to no sense.  Using the CT-178 cable, the amplifier had to be on in order to use an antenna through INPUT 2 (corresponding to BAND DATA 2).

A younger friend made up a BAND DATA 1 cable for me  for use with the radio and now, all works as expected (and how it always has with other Yaesu radios), regardless whether the Quadra is on or not.

CT-178 cable for sale!


I thought that it was odd the manual says to use input 2 but that's how I hooked up.  I have my 60 meter antenna hooked up to the FT101d on antenna port 2.  Thought I could run 60 meters and not have to turn the amp on since I am just using the radio.  Not happening.  With the CT-178 hooked up and the Quadra not turned on, the radio knows the amp is not powered up and inhibits the TX.  I can listen on any antenna that bypasses the amp but no TX from the radio unless I turn the Quadra on.  I keep the auto power on switch and just bring the amp on with the radio enen if I won't be using it.   W7TX