Re: Yaesu SCU Lan 10 Remote


Hello Rich,
thanks for the info. I think if a lot of people tell Tim from Yaesu their opinion that there is more going on than just accepting it silently. We will stay in contact.
73 Michael DM4YY

Am 18.09.2021 um 20:12 schrieb Rich K3VAT <astro_va@...>:

I was unable to get my IPad Pro to properly communicate with the SCU LAN unit.  Additionally, there are limitations to using the SCU LAN even in a direct connection configuration.  Users report that there are no problems with SSB, some with CW and digital does not work at all.  Yaesu should release a new firmware upgrade and interface SW update to fix these problems; we've been waiting many months!  GL 73 Rich, K3VAT

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