Re: FTDX101D with N1MM and SO2V


The way I do it is to punch the main or sub button when I want to change VFO. That way the log screen changes from VFO A to VFO B. I usually leave one VFO on one band, the other on a different band, and the band scope set to show the two bands.  But I do press the receive buttons if I want to audibly monitor two different bands. Working split, I press the split button and set to frequency by typing it in the entry window.

On Thursday, September 9, 2021, 6:10 PM, k3dne <k3dne@...> wrote:

I've used N1MM and my FT1000MP MKV in SO2R many times. I'm having trouble getting my 101D to work properly with N1MM in SO2V mode.  The \ key changes N1MM screen to VFO-B but the 101D receive frequency remains on the Main receiver. I expected the receive focus to change to SUB (as it does on my 101MP MKV to VFO B). CTR-right/left arrows and the Pause key does not change receive focus to Sub either. Interestingly in N1MM Config menu the Dual Rx and Sub Receiver menu items are grayed out. I'm thinking that I'm missing something - just not sure if it is hidden in the 101's menus or N1MM or other?
Any assistance will be appreciated.

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