Re: Diversity for Digital Modes

Maximo EA1DDO - M0HAO - HK1H

Hi Mike,


“Diversity” is for Rx only. There is no Diversity on Tx.

FTDx101 is able to use two different receiver with two different antennas, but there is no phasing capability to combine both signal at different phases.


I´ve tried two receivers at same time, with different antennas. You can check a video here:


What you can do is to mix both audio signal, from both receivers, into just one output, then feed that mixed audio to the Digital Mode´s software.

In the FTDx101´s menu there is an option to mix audio from both receivers.


73, Maximo EA1DDO



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Subject: [FTDX101D] Diversity for Digital Modes


Is it possible to couple 2 different antennas for Digital Modes?   I cant seem to send the signal to my computer from BOTH antenna inputs.  No issues with Diversity for SSB VOICE.


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