Re: Purchasing used FTDX101D with early serial number

W0ARM - Alan

I also have a fairly early S/N 101D, which was indicated to be one of those that needed the ALC overshoot correction.  This was a hardware modification/correction/fix by Yaesu (not firmware), and is actually a mod which can be done at home, IF you are comfortable working on SMT circuits.

I have run a number of different amps with my radio, (all tube rigs, no S/S) and have no detectable issues.  However, that said, I do not use ALC.  I limit my drive power manually, and tune correctly, so ALC is really not necessary.  The ALC "overshoot" issue was a case of the transceiver not responding quickly enough to the ALC input [from the amplifier] and not clamping/reducing the drive quickly enough, causing the brief over-drive/over-shoot anomaly.  No ALC = No problem.


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