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Carl Yaffey

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Scroll to the bottom. You will see settings that work for FT8. No need to use PRESET.

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On Jul 17, 2021, at 6:05 PM, Paul - W1PR <w1pr@...> wrote:

Hope I'm not beating an already dead creature. Just (finally) got my '101D back from Yaesu with FW upgrade accomplished. Reading the posts about problems with FT8/4 I realized I'm not alone in having difficulty with WSJT-X. It will key the radio butill key but the radio doesn't see any audio.
Question 1: Must I now use the preset functions, or can I continue to use a SignaLinkUSB with WSJT-X telling the radio whether to use USB or DATA-U as I did in the past?  If I can use the SignaLink, how do I get the radio to hear WSJT's audio output?
Question 2: Both the SignaLink and the '101 talk to the computer using a codec named USB AUDIO. Windows would be happier if unique identifiers were used, for instance "Yaesu audio codec" or something less generic than USB AUDIO. (I need to keep a SignaLink on line to interface to another radio.)
Question 3: If I use the 101's USB connection to the computer, what, if anything is plugged into the radio's RTTY/DATA jack?
The group's support is appreciated.

TNX & 73 de Paul - W1PR

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