Re: ftdx101 vs 7610


Hello YL and OM, I can only report about SSB operation. I had from 2 friendly OMs a 7610 and a 101MP for 10 days to test. I have dealt very extensively with the devices, especially with the RX. Result : The receiver on the 101D is much better and the filters more effective. Thus a weak signal is much more understandable than with the 7610. Each device has its advantages and disadvantages. The microphone on the Yaesu is for the garbage. And the internet connection with the SCU Lan 10 is difficult and expensive. Who wants to use a transverter or wants to control it via internet is better with the 7610. I chose the 101D because of the very good RX. I have also made videos that I can send on request. The copyright is mine, therefore I forbid an unsolicited forwarding, forbidden to offer this on the Internet. 73 Michael DM4YY

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