Re: k2 and field day

Jim Jerzycke

I agree 100% with Don. When my FT-1000D went belly-up during Museum Ships Weekend, I broke out my K2 "backup radio" and used it. The K2 is a good little radio, but nothing like the 1000D.

Then my 101MP arrived a few days later, and W0W! The panadapter on my Flex had spoiled me, and the LP-PAN I ran on my big Kenwoods was equally good, but after a year of using the 1000D with no panadapter I'd forgotten how useful it was. The 101MP with a 24" monitor has spoiled me again.

Did some semi-casual operating with the 101MP during Field Day, and I'm very happy with it. No, it's not perfect, no radio is, and Yaesu dropped the ball on a few things as discussed here, but this is the best radio for digging signals out of noise and crowded conditions that I've ever owned.

73, Jim  KQ0EA

On Sunday, June 27, 2021, 9:34:40 AM MDT, Don Blachura via <haircutter@...> wrote:

Boy after using the ft -101d for a couple weeks now, mostly ragchewing in cw.
Yesterday set my K2,a battery and a end fed wire at 15 feet and a paper log,
to work emergency communications FieldDay. Worked great and many qso's.
 But what a change between rigs. Can' t beat the ft101d rx. and panadapter. Enjoy it very much.
Big change from years ago.


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