Re: FTdx-101MP Impressions

Scott Ellington

I'm not sure why bandwidth would affect AGC operation. My issue is that I want the AGC response very flat, so I can hear the weak signals without punishing my ears on the strong ones. Yes, it makes it harder to distinguish the stronger ones in a pileup, so I have to ride the RF gain, but if it reduces hearing damage, it's a price I'm willing to pay. The option to set the AGC slope would accommodate various preferences.

I find even the slowest tuning rate for the MPVD is still way too fast for the rx clarifier. That slowest tuning rate is still 1.125 kHz per revolution. I'd prefer something more like 600. Part of the problem is that the ring is harder to manipulate than a small knob. For example, the small knob on the K3 goes about 500 Hz in one revolution, but it's very easy to control within 10 Hz, yet it's also easy to turn it half a revolution or so. An, no, I don't want to assign the MULTI knob to the clarifier; I need that for power output control.

I overlooked the BAND STACK, so that one is operator error, and I'll take it off the list.

I do have the latest firmware. To their credit, Yaesu did eliminate the faster rise time options, which only lead to key clicks.

Some of these limitations, like the fan cycling, the FTdx-101MP shares with the FT-1000D it replaced. Thankfully, key clicks is not one of them.

Scott K9MA

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